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Hand Push Manual Lawn Mower Reviews

We've been examining out some new EGO cordless lawn care devices that the brand boasts are powered by a best-in-class 56 volt lithium-ion battery. Their front runner tool in this line is the 56 volt press lawn mower, design LM2001, which is said to be the most powerful rechargeable mower on the market.

EGO likewise says that their own is the very first cordless battery-powered lawn mower to match or go beyond the efficiency of costs gas-powered lawn mowers.

The EGO lawn mower has a 20 inch reducing width and also is stated to compete up 45 minutes with the included 4.0 Ah battery. This lawn mower is far from economical with a street price of $499 so I was eager to see if its performance might match its costs cost.

My primary problem was runtime, an area where the Craftsman 40V lawn mower I evaluated was rather lacking, however the EGO shined through excellent battery life and also a fast billing time.

If you don't read any additionally, know this: the EGO lawn mower is the first battery-powered lawn mower to encourage me that I truly could make it through without a gas-powered one.


- Powered by 56V Li-ion 4.0 Ah battery (inning accordance with EGO, this is the industry's most powerful battery).
- Totally charged in Thirty Minutes with included fast charger.
- As much as 45 mins runtime.
- 20 ″ reducing capability.
- Single lever height modification.
- 3-in-1 Mulch/Bagging/Side discharge settings.
- Folds for simpler storage space.
- LED Headlights (FRONTS LIGHTS! On a press lawn mower?!).
- 5 year service warranty.


I was excited with the high quality of this maker, also as I unpacked it from package. The mower is mainly made from a thick, sturdy-feeling plastic that needs to endure several seasons of use. The VANITY lawn mower comes primarily put together-- all I had to do was placed the bagging structure together.

EGO markets this as a "3-in-1 lawn mower", as it is able to discharge clippings right into a bag, compost, or out the side.The mower's deal with folds down and also locks into area for storage, as well as this is done by working a single fast release bar and two locking clamps.

Once the handle is unlocked, it could be unravelled and clicked right into 3 detents; 2 different take care of elevations and in a forward placement for getting rid of the bag or side discharge chute. The securing clamps release the telescoping handle to complete size.

There are very clear starting directions near the bundle take care of and also safety and security switch. This is practical for new individuals, and also for rejuvenating your memory after the lawn mower spends a few months in storage for the winter season.

EGO consists of a quick battery charger that entirely recharges the 4.0 Ah battery in regarding Thirty Minutes. It could be credited 50% within 15 mins. Vanities 2.0 Ah batteries, which are not included but readily available independently and also as part of various other sets, could be entirely recharged in about 20 mins on this battery charger.


On my initial cut I deliberately cut my highest and thickest turf at a low setup to see just what my worst-case runtime would certainly be. The mower lacked juice in just 20 minutes. The fantastic part concerning the quick charger was that I was able to get back to cutting around a half hr later. Concern not! The lawn mower competed much longer throughout every one of the following trimming sessions.

VANITY built the lawn mower with an overload defense circuit to avoid damage to the lawn mower or batteries. When the overload defense kicks in, an LED on the back of the mower lights up to alert the customer. If the individual doesn't react to the mower and the warning is still emphasized for too long, it will immediately power down, after which it could be rebooted after a minute or two.

I evaluated the overload security functions when cutting through my thick overgrown lawn throughout that first torture test, yet haven't seen the overload alerting duplicated considering that.

After the first severe test, I trimmed typical size yards at the middle height setting (3). In half a lots mowing sessions, I have actually averaged 35-40 mins of runtime each time. I have been okay with it getting 80-90% the optimum marketed runtime while still not babying the mower or seeing my deepness of cut or turf height.

A 2.0 Ah battery (offered individually) offers roughly half the runtime similar to the consisted of 4.0 Ah battery, as well as can be a great method to obtain a little added mowing time to finish up a grass. 2.0 Ah batteries are also included with a few of EGO's various other yard and also yard tool packages.

We have had some hefty rain and quick development over the previous few weeks and the lawn mower has actually consistently executed effectively. It cuts yard easily, as well as with a lot of power. It feels like a gas lawn mower in every means, besides the recognizable absence of gas engine sound and also scents. I can stroll the mower at a brisk pace and count on that it will certainly do its work without stalling.

I have mainly run the lawn mower in mulching setting, as well as have found that it works quite possibly. The bagging mode likewise functions predictably as anticipated, however I hardly ever bag lawn clippings.

The largest weak point to the 3-in-1 system is the side discharge setting. VANITY has leveraged the back discharge port to make use of with the side discharge attachment. This indirect route for cuttings creates them to gradually connect as well as gather approximately where I have needed to stop and also remove the chute multiple times while mowing.

I am material with mulching my yard and also do not see the side discharge as a necessity. If you are dead collection on a side discharge lawn mower, you could discover that having to frequently clear the chute would get bothersome actual fast.


The fast battery charger is an excellent incorporation with the set. The rapid billing time implies I will not ever throw away hrs waiting for the battery if I forgot to charge it. After I run the battery down right, it can be prepared to go once again after simply a brief 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to go grab a drink or do an additional fast duty while waiting.

Potentially, runtime as well as billing times are so good that a user could run the mower almost forever with a 2nd 4.0 Ah battery ($ 199). By the time one battery is completely drained pipes, the other is completely recharged and ready to go as soon as you reach the charger.


The VANITY 56V mower is the initial battery-powered lawn mower that I might see myself recommending to buddy as well as family members with no doubts or hesitations. The runtime can not match that of a gas mower, however the general power feels extremely close and also with little concession.

I don't feel strained with runtime concerns, as the lawn mower cuts consistently regardless of grass condition-- a minimum of as long as I pick the ideal cut setting. The fast battery charger minimizes virtually any potential concerns regarding runtime, except potentially for any person that needs to cut a large grass.

The LED fronts lights are a great touch. I really did not assume they would be useful, however the added light was available in useful when I competed to end up mowing my yard in the fading evening light. They are a quieter, cleaner, low-maintenance alternative to a gas-powered lawn mower. Ergonomically, the deal with is very comfortable and the double height setting is valued. 

I likewise love just how simple as well as strong the folding and also telescoping deal with mechanism is. This is a weak point on other lawn mowers.

The biggest drawback to the VANITY mower is the rate. At around $500 for the package, which comes with the battery charger and battery pack, the mower competes with several premium customer gas press mowers that are mostly all self-powered as well as usually built with outstanding Honda engines.

Simply checking out cost, the VANITY mower can be hard to warrant, but the advantages of battery power are most definitely beneficial if you are trying to find a silent, reduced upkeep, instantaneous starting, and also dependable machine.

The VANITY lawn mower likewise constructs value when purchased with the various other 56V VANITY devices in mind, as their batteries are all suitable across gadgets. The EGO 5 year guarantee should provide peace of mind for a system reasonably brand-new to the market.

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